ECE Department Senior Design Projects (SDP) Rules (After 2017 Fall Term) [PDF]

  • The groups that will register in the Graduation Design Project course in English (EHB / ELE / TEL 492E, 4901E, 4902E) are required to use the English language documents.
  • For Graduation Design Projects, only 1 (one) document per group is required at each stage.
  • All students in the same group must enroll in the Graduation Design Project course in the same language (either TR-492 or EN-492E).
  • Through the course ninova page message board you can write messages to recruit possible group members, etc.
  • lease click to fill the Ninova Application FORM for Ninova Class 2020-2021 Spring Term.

Important Dates for 2021-2022 Spring SDP Students

  • Project groups will be formed from 2 to 3 students. The advisor must submit a petition to the ECE Department for approval for exceptional group sizes (1 or 4). At most two faculty members can act as SDP advisors for the same project.
  • FORM-1: Project Topic Suggestions shall be submitted by Student Groups of Project Advisors. (Deadline: October 15, 2021)
  • FORM-2: Project Topic Preference Forms should get submitted by Student Groups or individual students. (Deadline: October 15, 2021)
  • SDP Groups List has been announced: 
  • 2021-2022 Fall/Spring  SDP Topic List
  • The Projects Group List to be announced
  • FORM-3: SDP Project Proposal Deadline (8th week of Term): 29th November, 8th week)
  • FORM-4: SDP Interim Progress Report/Logbook Submission Deadline (Last week of Term): 17th June 2022)

  • Important Dates for 2021-2022 Fall Term SDP Students

    • The Projects Group List has been announced
    • FORM-4: SDP Interim Progress Report Submission Deadline (7th week of the Term): 29th November 2021, Monday)
    • FORM-5: SDP Final Report Submission Deadline (First Final Day day of classes): 17th January 2022, Monday)

      SDP 1. Term Flow Chart (All Steps)


        * Project Logbook, shall be used after project title announced. The first date of Logbook submission deadline is last day of Spring Term 8th week.

      SDP 2. Term Flow Chart (All Steps)


        Appendix (ECE SDP Documents)

      ✔ECE Senior Design Project Regulations (After 2017 Fall Term) [PDF], [PDF-EN]
      ✔FORM 1- SDP Topic Proposal Form  [DOCX] , [PDF] [DOCX-EN] , [PDF-EN] 
      ✔ FORM 2- SDP Preference Form (Student Doc) [DOCX] , [PDF] , [DOCX-EN] , [PDF-EN] 
      ✔FORM 3- SDP Project Proposal Form (Student Doc)[DOCX]  , [PDF] , [DOCX-EN] , [PDF-EN]
      =>--✔- Project Proposal Guide (Student Doc) [PDF] , [PDF-EN]
      =>--✔- Project Student Logbook (Student Doc)[DOCX] , [PDF] , [DOCX-EN] , [PDF-EN]
      ✔ FORM 4- SDP Interim Report (Student Doc) [DOCX] , [PDF] , [DOCX-EN] ,[PDF-EN] 
      FORM-4 Teslim Formu [RAR-DOCX-TR-EN]
      ✔ FORM 5- SDP Project Report Template (Student Doc) [DOCX] , [PDF] , [DOCX-EN] , [PDF-EN] 
      FORM-5 Teslim Formu RAR-DOCX-TR-EN]  
      ✔FORM 6- SDP Deadline Extension Request Form[DOCX-TR]  | [PDF-TR] 
      ✔LaTeX Template Files [TEX-TR/EN]

      Graduation Projects Document Affective Before 2017 Fall