Computational Neuroscience Seminars

May18, 2022-June 8, 2022

Neuroscience aims to understand the nervous system in order to give an explanation for our behaviors, to find a diagnosis and treatment to neurological diseases. It is a multidisciplinary area encompassing almost all of the branches of science. Computational neuroscience uses computational methods and mathematics as a tool for fulfilling the aim of neuroscience. In this seminar series, different levels of computational models will be introduced and how the models are verified with the electrophysiological recordings will be explained.

The seminars will be held weekly on Wednesdays, at 15:30-17:00 in Ömer Korzay Conference Center, Faculty of Electrical and Electronics Engineering.


Mathematical modeling of neurons and neuronal populations, coupled to electrophysiological recordings


Dr. Anton Chizhov


Lecture 1. Single neurons and electrophysiological tools May 18, 2022

Lecture 2. Models of a single neuronal population May 25, 2022

Lecture 3. Modeling visual cortex activity June 1, 2022

Lecture 4. Epileptic activity of brain June 8;2022


Short Bio of Dr. Anton Chizhov

Dr. Anton Chizhov graduated from St.-Petersburg State Polytechnical University (SPSPU), Russia in 1994 with M.Sc. degree in Applied Mathematics & Physics. He got his Ph.D. degree in Physics & Mathematics, with the thesis entitled "Numerical investigation of a high-speed impact of a liquid drop on an obstacle" from A.F.Ioffe Physical Technical Institute, St.-Petersburg, Russia in 1998. He also has Dr.Sc. - Doctor of Physics and Mathematics degree since 2015. He has given lectures related to computational neuroscience at some schools for young scientists in Russia and Ukraine, supervised M.Sc. and Ph.D. theses. He also held post-doc positions in Japan and France. He authored and co- authored more than 50 papers.