ECE Department Research Asssitant and PhD Student  Ahmet Kaplan, Research Asssitant and PhD Student  Mehmet Can,  Professor İbrahim Altunbaş, Professor Güneş Karabulut Kurt ve Dr. Defne Küçükyavuz (ASELSAN) joint paper, an outcome of 2019-2020 İTÜNOVA-ASELSAN project titled   "Index Modulation Based Jamming and Spoofing Resistant Physical Layer Security System Designs", was awarded at ICTC 2020 Conference with the paper below: 

A. Kaplan (İTÜ), M. Can(İTÜ), İ. Altunbaş(İTÜ), G. Karabulut Kurt(İTÜ), D. Küçükyavuz (ASELSAN), “LDPC Coded OFDM-IM Performance Evaluation Under Jamming Attack”, IEEE 11th International Conference on ICT Convergence (ICTC 2020), 21-23 Oct. 2020. [PDF-link]

This paper was among the first 5 papers in 500 papers in The 11th International Conference on ICT Convergence (ICTC 2020), Jefu Island, South Korea, and received the 


We congratulate our Researchers for their research paper and Excellent Paper Award. 

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