edl-lab-acilis-3İTÜ Electrical and Elektronics Engineering Faculty 1969 graduate, Prof.Dr. Hadis Morkoç Electro-Optical Devices Laboratory opening ceremony took place on 18 May 2016. This laboratory will start collabaration of research activities between ECE Department of ITU and Prof.Dr. Hadis Morkoc research group in Virginia Commmonwealth University.

About the ELD Lab
Electro-optical Devices Laboratory (ELD) is dedicated to photonics research for biomedical applications. TÜBİTAK and BAP grants have been awarded to lab members, to conduct research on Confocal Microendoscopy and Optical Coherence Tomography. Besides optical imaging modalities, the laboratory also focuses on MEMS reliability research, where performance degradation of the microdevices that are used within laser scanning microscopy are mathematically modeled for lifetime prediction. Assistant Professors Onur Ferhanoğlu, M. Berke Yelten and Fehmi Çivitci are the main responsible researchers of the EDL.